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HS PROTECT is an air-drying peelable coating that can be used to protect sanitary fittings from damage during construction, transportation and storage. It can easily be applied with an airless spray gun, paintbrush or paint roller.

The protective film protects bathtubs, sinks and shower cubicles against scratches and dirt during construction. It can also be applied to porcelain, glass fiber, and enamel surfaces. At the same time, our product helps protect expensively and easily damaged stainless steel taps and other nonporous materials.

HS PROTECT protects your materials from damaging on the construction site.

More often than not, sanitary fittings need to be replaced because they acquire stains and/or scratches during construction. More often than not, a pricey bathtub gets used as a garbage bin during construction. More often than not, later works standing in the bathtub, dirty shoes and all. To prevent these events from damaging your bathtub and shower cabinets, you can now coat your
sanitary installations with an extra layer of protection.

HS PROTECT will save you time, money and a lot of problems!

Remove the protective film on completion, and offer your customer sanitary fittings that are of showroom quality.

Are you planning on installing an expensive designer bathtub, a shower or an acrylic
whirlpool? We offer you a coating solution designed specifically for soft surfaces:
HS PROTECT offers exclusive and softer surfaces a durable protection without damaging the shiny surface or color of these delicate materials.